Sunset Paragliding in Yeghvard

I found myself 1300 meters above sea level. How exciting! I was flying, thanks to Ivan, my “Skyclub” tandem instructor. He casually said I was lucky because the weather was good. I smiled and thought, “I was never lucky but definitely blessed.”, and continued marveling the view afront me while holding a GoPro stick.

Scenic Armenia Beyond Infamous Genocide

Moving past their vitriolic, harrowing history comes plethora of UNESCO heritage sites, I managed jaunting to one – the Geghard monastic complex. Small roadside vendors of freshly baked gata (traditional pastry made of flour, butter and sugar), fruit lavash (sheets of dried fruits), natural honey jars, and other sweets were lined at the entrance. Free taste was a delectable detour, I must say.

South Korea: Princess for Hours

However, the decrepit rust coloured leaves hanging from the branches skirted by pools of autumn gold underneath, sweet chill breath of wind blowing our silk skirts while being surrounded by dynasties’ remains – imagine yourself basking in such glorious and gorgeous setting. The little discomfort will definitely be the least of your worries.

RUNWAY DUBAI DEBUT: Perlas Ng Silangan X Pulang Kristal

While I succumb for words to perfectly describe the exact feeling, I know I was such on a high – probably the lack of sleep and coffee cups, or perhaps the unexpected tremendous love and support from family and friends, or moments of procrastinating, then, the challenge of cramming after, or simply the thought of being blessed for such opportunity, or a good mixture of everything.

27 Today!

My life is far from being perfect but I have a God who has the best redirections, intentions, and plans for me; family and friends who I’d always be grateful for. Thank you for the love and support since I’ve started pursuing another journey – that is, fashion. Meanwhile, oblivious to challenges I will be facing in the future – rest assured that I will continue twirling towards my dreams and yes, you’re part of it. ♥

Centro Histórico de Macau: Streets of Heritage

While everyone seemed to flock towards Ruins of St. Paul’s – 17th century stone facade made of intricate carvings with an Oriental theme, one should also not miss Holy House of Mercy, white building afront the fountain; St. Dominic’s Church, yellow edifice that’s rarely get unnoticed, Hotel Central, Leal Senado Building, and Macau General Post Office in Largo de Senado (Senado Square).  

Half-Day Climb to Uplistsikhe Cave Town

Then, it wasn’t about the cave complex anymore but a sublime self-reminder: Fear limits us from our goals. As cliche goes, be bigger than all of them. Dream higher without fear of failure. Love unconditionally without fear of rejection. Travel the unknown without fear of getting lost. Make your own path without fear of disapproval. Life is not meant to be lived with fear but rather strength – every single time.