Are you dreaming of sipping champagne while on a night Danube river cruise with magnificently lit Hungarian Parliament in the background? Or visit centuries-old castles, like Prague Castle perhaps? Or indulge in Barcelona tapas and sangria?  Or explore the eminent Eiffel Tower? Europe is and will always be on my gigantic bucket list. I’ve just started and definitely won’t get tired returning from time to time til my hair turns gray. If the feeling is mutual, read on.

South Korea: Princess for Hours

However, the decrepit rust coloured leaves hanging from the branches skirted by pools of autumn gold underneath, sweet chill breath of wind blowing our silk skirts while being surrounded by dynasties’ remains – imagine yourself basking in such glorious and gorgeous setting. The little discomfort will definitely be the least of your worries.

27 Today!

My life is far from being perfect but I have a God who has the best redirections, intentions, and plans for me; family and friends who I’d always be grateful for. Thank you for the love and support since I’ve started pursuing another journey – that is, fashion. Meanwhile, oblivious to challenges I will be facing in the future – rest assured that I will continue twirling towards my dreams and yes, you’re part of it. ♥