Lookback: Tulip Dress


PRINTED SATIN TULIP DRESS. My first successful creation. I designed and sewed this dress for a summer party in my previous company. I was initially planning to go for a simple haltered asymmetrical dress but I realized that I wouldn’t do any justice to the fabric. It was soft satin with nice abstract streaks of purple, ultramarine, celeste and some periwinkle. Not to mention, I bought it on sale together with some fabrics I still need to decide what to do with them. Anyway, I chose to put some interesting cut-out at the back as the focal point of the dress. Some have commented that the dress looked like Tinkerbell’s. They may be partially correct because I had fun swirling around like a fairy with my dress on. What dyou think?

When I said that this was my first successful, what I meant is I already made some party dresses in the past. Memories I had in college include sacrificing sleep for two to three days then proceed to less sleep until the creation was finished. I had great vision on those dresses I made but unfortunately, those are considered futile attempts. First reason, I only sewed everything manually. Yes, through tiny needle and ordinary thread using my own hands. Do not worry, I didn’t endure the needle pricks (mainly, my klutziness) because my focus was to finish the item before the event. Second, it was ill fitting. Though the output was generally pleasing and striking, I had some issues on the chest part because I concentrated on perfecting the mullet-ish ruffled skirt. It was an outfit that I had only worn once because of those minor flops, my friend had to manually sew the dress on me while I was wearing it. But people usually appreciate effort especially to those ludicrously making simple things complicated so, yeah, I still received some compliments on my dress. One random guy even told me that I could be a fashion designer. Well, thanks to him I had one more reason to pursue my passion.

Experiencing such ordeal when I was still a Nursing senior student is such an accomplishment. I know I had a lot of other priorities that are worth spending my time with. I had to juggle among fluctuating hospital duty shifting, demanding and difficult subjects, and tedious thesis. But I was the kind of student who preferred to spend more time doing artsy portfolios, making assignments needlessly creative though, mostly just silently wishing for a diversion other than reading books and memorizing concepts. So having that kind of distraction was appealing to me. A thing that cannot probably fully grasp by my friends and especially, my family.

I could not perfectly deny the fact that they had point to advise me to opt for a ready made dress. It would really make my life easier and less stressed out but the problem is my innate search for specific cuts or designs in clothes that I rarely find on ready-to-wear outfits available in department stores and fashion boutiques. I always root for creations that accentuates character, emphasizes individuality and shows off personality. Something that possibly may be simple yet still striking. Something that has been conceptualized and executed very well. Something that has flamboyance yet undeniable class. Something that cannot easily be forgotten rather be distinguished from the flock. Hence, the passion for conceptualizing, designing and creating outfits.

2 thoughts on “Lookback: Tulip Dress

  1. Great post, it’s very well written! And I love your dress – it’s so unique and beautiful! I’d wear it in a heartbeat.


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