Cagayan de Oro’s Rafting Trip

Have you ever experienced those famous butterflies in your stomach? No, I wasn’t referring to you receiving the most awaited “Confirm Friend Request” from your ultimate crush on Facebook nor the sweetest handmade letter made by your boyfriend. Or in general, I wasn’t referring to you being in love. Rather, you being excited in a thrilling activity. Something that stimulated your body’s production of endorphins. Something that has made you elated and beyond blissful.

We, my comrades and I, planned an adventure weekend trip last October 2012 as my and Carl’s (a guy friend who I share my exact same birthdate) joint post-birthday celebration. We were located in Cebu City, a part of Visayas (one of the three main groups of the Philippines) and planned to explore Mindanao. It was a first for my friends but not for me, though, because my parents were both from there. I know the event was not recent, c’mon, it has been more or less two years.

But as what I have recently posted here, the place is not the determining factor of making the experience memorable. And I would like to add that date of the event is not of high significant, too. You may have had the activity ten years ago but you still vividly remember every single detail of it. Why? Simply because you chose to. You have decided that it is something invaluable. You have created an invisible space for that memory. You have embodied it long-term. And mind you, it would be such a waste not to include this on my blog.

While we were still waiting for Kagay personnel to come and pick us up.
While we were still waiting for Kagay personnel to come and pick us up.

So getting back to my river rafting adventure, we had one boat exclusive for our group. Usually, if you are just alone or a group of less than six, you would be together with other tourists. There were necessary precautions given by the Kagay Team (one of the rafting trip operators). All of the groups were gathered as one and the protocols were announced. In our time, we were with two other groups; one from Manila (they were like group of friends, too) and the other was a family which includes one child. Yes, river rafting in CdeO is for everyone. All you need to have is passion for adventure and calm persona.

All ready to paddle. 😊
All ready to paddle. 😊
Candid Shot: How we all looked like while listening to one of their team.
Candid Shot: This is how we all looked like while listening to safety reminders.

If you can see, there were no specific outfits implemented on the trip. However, there were usual cheap rash guard vendors in the area because the trip usually needed one. Good thing, though, it was cloudy but still fair to traverse the rapids during our time. But a substantial amount of sunblock lotion wouldn’t hurt because you would still be out with the UVB rays. I remembered still having some tan lines on my thighs after the trip even that wasn’t sunny at all.

After the talk, we were all advised to separate our valuables from the items that could be placed inside the jeepney and put those in a waterproof vinyl duffel bag they have provided. The bag was then placed on the boat and had inanimately experienced the rapids, too. 😄

We were all excited, I mean, who wouldn’t be? I, for one, was too giddy to jump on the rubber boat and start the trip. A very wondrous experience especially if you shared it with the people you are close to. It was all our first-time river rafting experience and I bet, if someone would mention the phrase “river rafting” and one of us would hear it, we certainly could associate it with this trip. The trip we all together have planned successfully and accomplished flourishingly.

We have chosen the Beginners Course because it was the one recommended on first-timers like us. But I believe that we would have successfully surpassed the Advanced Course if we have pursued it. So, do not get intimidated by the word “Advanced”, if you feel like you want to take the course even without prior experience, I suggest you go for it.

By the way, the photos you would see below were taken by a designated photographer who was part of the operator we contracted. He used a compact digital camera, was paddling his mini version of our rubber boat and was ahead of us to capture our moments. The main advantage of him having our pictures was he was aware of the route we were taking so he knew where to stop and would wait for us. I believe that we had options on just getting the copies a day after the trip but we needed to go on their main office for it. And since we didn’t have the luxury of time (we needed to actually fly back to Cebu the next morning), we just opted to wait probably an hour after the trip.

The moment that I felt like jumping off the rubber boat, which would only lead to unwanted bone dislocations and severe bleeding.
Biggest Rapid: The moment that I felt like jumping off the rubber boat.
Caught in Action: Totally loved this.
Caught in Action: Totally loved this. 😘
Undeniable delight n our faces.
Undeniable delight n our faces.
Center of the gushing river flow.
Center of the gushing river flow.
Up Close.
Up Close.
Mini Waterfall Side trip.
Mini Waterfall Side trip.
Happie, Brian, I, Venice, Kim and Carl (below) posed after successfully surviving the rapids. 💋
Happie, Brian, I, Venice, Kim and Carl (below) posed after successfully surviving the rapids.

With regard to rates, it would be best to check their websites because there might be price changes. You can try this, this or this. That time, if my memory served me right, we paid for P1200.00 that included Zipline, Canopy Walk, Rafting Beginners Course and Free Dinner. I wasn’t expecting a lot about the food but it was surprisingly sumptuous with an adequate servings of grilled shrimps, squids, and pork belly. Even though I was very hungry, that didn’t cloud my judgment to differentiate the food that have so-so quality that could fill up the stomach (literally) from the ones that satisfy the tastebuds, as well.

Tip: You could bring snacks (biscuits, bottles of water, chips and etc.) because the course was exhausting and you’d only feel it at the end once all adrenaline rush has subsided. Just make sure to be vigilant about your wrappers. Hello, Mother Earth! 🌍

For almost five-six hours of unpredictable rapids, I could say that the tiny butterflies in my stomach had not left me alone. It was a good kind of feeling, though. Something that I would definitely want to experience often; and again, aside from getting all hyped up on having a boyfriend at my side. And another amazing thing that makes me ecstatic just now is because reached this point. Yay! Thank you for actually reading this lengthy post. 💋

P.S. If you have noticed, I have not mentioned any “white river rafting” in this post because first, as you can see, the river wasn’t white. Second, they said that the color has changed because of recent rainfall so that means it wasn’t consistent. So I believe that having the term associated with the river rafting would be like promising customers on delivering a red ball but receiving a green one. And it would mean disappointment. But luckily, the color didn’t matter to me. I was there for the rafting not to be enchanted on the river’s color. Till next time.

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