PAOCS Application Processing: Part 3




The time that you needed to report in their headquarters at Fort Bonifacio because all of the PME (Physical and Medical Exam) could only be done in AGH (Army General Hospital). All exams were for free except for the drug test which would be done on an third party affiliate of the hospital. We paid Php450.00 for the drug test.

The exam would consist a long list of labs, diagnostics and physical check-ups. There were very particular of tattoos, more than one piercing on each ear for females, one or more piercings for males, impacted molars, dental braces and even skin tags; all of those should be removed, sutured and/or erased. People with vision problems could be disqualified unless it is still within tolerable limits they’ve set or you could undergo LASIK. I personally have known two applicants who did such procedure to continue the processing. So you could opt for that; however, that procedure comes with a hefty price tag. The decision would be entirely up to you.

PME Uniform: White polo shirt inserted to denim jeans with neutral-colored shoes
Inside AGH(Army General Hospital)’s cafeteria
PME Uniform: White polo shirt inserted to denim jeans with neutral-colored shoes
PME Uniform: White polo shirt inserted to denim jeans with neutral-colored shoes
I erased the names for their security.
IDs: I erased the names for their security.


I would be making a separate post for this. I wanted to emphasize the undying will, determination and frustration I personally experienced and witnessed just to pass this test.

PFT Warm-up Exercise
PFT Warm-up Exercise


I wasn’t exactly sure why my co-applicants used to study about this. Probably, because we’ve heard a lot of cautions that this was the hardest part of processing because it had the most no. of applicant casualties. But personality tests do not have the right or wrong answers. It would just assess if you’d be mentally prepared for the rigorous training. So just be yourself.

I met someone who had Psychology background and tried manipulating the answers which eventually led to “fakingly good” results; hence, failing the exam. So, if you have knowledge of what the standardized tests would be, don’t try to answer for what you think would be ideal. Answer what would you do usually if you were in that situation. Our neuro exam lasted for a day and a half that included a lot of standardized tests, drawing, and essay writing. It was exhausting but tolerable.


You couldn’t have reevaluation of your results unlike the fitness test that you could have retake. Once you failed the exam; unfortunately, that meant the end of your application processing, too. This might not be applicable to previous classes but it was in ours.


Check out the last installment of this processing tomorrow. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “PAOCS Application Processing: Part 3

  1. Hi there,

    I’m currently applicant of OCC. I have 8 degrees curvature on my left thoracolumbar (spine), according to orthopedist (specialist in bones) it is still normal. May I confirm if it will affect or void my application?


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