Fashion Frilly Inception

      The problem resonating most millennials, nowadays, is the absence of niche in a world full of uncertainties, jack-of-all trades, limitless capabilities and opportunities. Finding a career that we are utterly sure of of optimal growth is a difficult decision. There‘s always seem to be a better option and we cannot help but to be stuck in the middle of settling down and wanting to risk. It’s always obscure that sometimes we forget of finding the “Life’s Nook” and simply accept our current phase. I once tried blending into a world tangent to my strengths and talents. I did it adamantly and failed tremendously, however, offered me an invaluable lesson that lasts a lifetime.

For always, I can say I am a machogirl inside.

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      Everything was in a distant past now though. Traversing the crimson carpet and passing the banners, I felt excitement gravitating towards to undeniable bliss that finally, ‘I’m home’. Arab Fashion Week. It was the event and Michael Cinco, Dubai-based Filipino designer renowned for his extravagance and spectacular creations, closed the show.


      My bosom was at peace looking at those pretty creations being strutted at the runway, glancing at innumerable flashes of lights from press personnel, admiring frills, laces, capes, and furs worn by personalities; still oblivious to their social circles, names, and influences, though. The first show was done swiftly, then guests were requested to vacate the seats temporarily. My memory was failing me to recognize the minute features that happened – it was swift but utterly moving. The only left was realization that I have finally started another chapter in life. Feminine Romanticism. Intricate indulgence. Striking Classics.

I definitely opened my new dainty chapter – the inception, indeed.

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