Sustainable Fashion: How to Know Faux Furs?

Fur coats have had bad reputation – it’s always firing up arguments both online and in print, intriguing fans for its authenticity, aggravating critics on their advocates, and never a fan until recently. I was a tropical girl who transferred to much humid place so layering has never been practical. Being a recent fan of furs does not necessitate my approval on animal maltreatment for their skin supply, though. There’s always the faux furs, not as insulating and unhelpful from melting snow, but absolutely better to wear without guilt.

A recent gallivant to Signagi District, easternmost part of Kakheti, on a subzero temperature and heavy snowfall was an opportunity to bring out my new favorite – coffee brown faux fur. The coat provided enough warmth above my sheer chiffon dress, which made some people worried upon sight.

Are you interested to go into furry situation sans animal cruelty? Make sure you know how to differentiate fake ones from the real ones. In normal circumstances, dupes are impermissible but on such case, fake ones are better and ethical.


Burn couple of hairs from the sample. If it smells human hair, it’s authentic. It  has distinct chemical smell if it’s otherwise, since fake ones are usually made of polyester and acrylic.


Genuine animal pelts have smooth suede leather and often sewn together in patches or sections while faux ones have uniformed threadwork basing.


Imagine touching your pet dog or cat, that’s how real fur should be – soft, smooth, and lustrous. If not, then, buy that coat and flaunt it without social impropriety.

Meanwhile, let me show off how sustainable fashion fascinates me sans social guilt.

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