Half-Day Climb to Uplistsikhe Cave Town

After I, being a physically-challenged klutzy lady, pursued seemingly impossible machodream (see previous posts here), I believe that I’ve become fearless. The strength in my beliefs has increased exponentially. The belief that anything can be done with focused mind and determined heart. The belief that everything can be achieved with utter trust in Him and one self. The belief that no one should strive to be someone else. Life is truly short for negativity, doubt, and jealousy.

 For always, the goal is to be the best version of ourselves. We owe that to ourselves – we have had our fair shares of adversities after all.


Having said that, my self-trust was put to a test while traversing the slippery snowy path in Uplistsikhe Cave Town, an abandoned rock-hewn town in Eastern Georgia dated back in 5th century B.C. The place was considered as the Pre-Christian Kartli’s major political and religious center that continued to be inhabited until 11st century A.D. We walked through the majority of divided areas: south (lower), middle (central) and north (upper) areas covering 8 hectares,which definitely made our whole afternoon filled with adrenaline rush. Oblivious to sudden weather change and tour’s itinerary, I also wore the most unhelpful shoes ever – black leather loafers.


Minutes later after realizing my biggest mistake of the day, I found myself walking through the wet rocks in a snowy -2 deg Celsius. Yes, we finished the trek without sustaining any major injury nor dislocated arms and legs. Aside from the cold weather that I seriously miss while rummaging for words, and this constant editing and searching for apt adjectives, a realization never left me. The realization that, I’ve finally become truly fearless. I was in an accident prone place that time but it wasn’t scary at all.

Then, it wasn’t about the cave complex anymore but a sublime self-reminder: Fear limits us from our goals. As cliche goes, be bigger than all of them. Dream higher without fear of failure. Love unconditionally without fear of rejection. Travel the unknown without fear of getting lost. Make your own path without fear of disapproval. Life is not meant to be lived with fear but rather strength – every single time.


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