27 Today!

Over a year living in sweltering megapolis of Dubai, another birthday is happening today. I’m definitely closer to my 30’s but who’s counting? Also admittedly embracing my millennial being, I believe that I’ve always been expressive to various social media platforms – writing more posts than I should, curating my feed more than I should, spending time on WordPress, Pinterest, and Instagram more than I should – that one look at my profile, you’d know my year’s highlights.

However, life’s struggles, more now as an expat, is omnipresent. So thought of sharing few life points I’ve learned along the way:

  • Know your worth and never settle. Discrimination and harassment is real and prominent in this part of the world, but do yourself a favor and learn to always walk away from anyone or anything that makes you feel less. 


  • Chase dreams that make you feel alive – even when you’re running lesser sleep, even when you feel alone, and even if you think you’re going nowhere. Unnecessarily mainstream but imperative to make you genuinely happier.


  • There’s no right age for anything and everything – get married when you’re deeply in love and committed, have kids when you’re ready for major life changes and huge responsibilities, and pursue dreams even when you’re 50.


  •  You’re always dispensable. There will always be smarter, younger, and more efficient employee but your family only have you. Choose them. No extra pay for overtime is worth their time.


  • Leaving is an integral part of your growth. Cherish the ones who support and communicate even with distance, time zone differences, and hectic schedules.


  • Travel as much as you can. You’d only know what you’re missing until you made that first trip.


  • Be unapologetic in living your life. Living for someone’s approval is the worst you’d offer in this lifetime. Love your individuality and imperfect demeanor, enjoy your metamorphosis, and seriously stop worrying what they think of you.


  • Do conscious effort to avoid drama, inconsistent people and irrelevant gossips. Channel your energy to what grows and inspires you.


  • Emotions are tricky, confusing at times. Patience is your best friend if you’re seeking real romance in the middle of cosmopolitan city, where marriage can be considered as business agreement. While dating an attractive guy with an impressive background, lovely accent, and cool interests is a surefire of making you flattered, the realness of their intentions do matter. But no judging here, suit yourself.

My life is far from being perfect but I have a God who has the best redirections, intentions, and plans for me; family and friends who I’d always be grateful for. Thank you for the love and support since I’ve started pursuing another journey – that is, fashion. Meanwhile, oblivious to challenges I will be facing in the future – rest assured that I will continue twirling towards my dreams and yes, you’re part of it. ♥

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