Arabic Fashion Awards: Palm Trees X Falcons



BRIDE is the Middle East’s premier, interactive, dynamic and exciting event.  With expert ambassadors, celebrity designers and a plethora of brands BRIDE is the only event where visitors can access their aspirations.  The leading wedding and lifestyle event where industry suppliers launch, build, grow, meet and educate over 25,000 powerful and influential women in the Middle East.

With over 550 international and regional exhibitors, stunning fashion shows, live demonstrations, inspiring talks and on-trend advice, the events offer excited brides-to-be and lifestyle conscious women a fun and informative buying experience.



This is the original explanation I sent along with my design sketches.

“We live in a world of dichotomy –  where we can drown in joy or sorrow, we go for righteousness or iniquity. The good thing is we always have a choice – no matter what circumstance we have, no matter what hardship we face, no matter what coercion we feel, and no matter what problem we think. This is always a matter of perspective. But with every choice we make, it comes with accountability of our actions. For that, we need courage and resilience to stand by decisions.

United Arab Emirates – The home of immigrants all over the world.

I chose to incorporate palm trees and falcons in my designs because the symbolism of such items is close to my bosom. As a millennial living abroad, Filipina working in the Middle East, individual dealing with other nationalities, it is a must to be resilient and fearless. This keeps us from stopping worries and melancholy to conquer our perilously sensitive strings of hope. Moreover, these two symbols reflect the strength of people to surpass daily dealings in a diversified culture and inspiration that dreams do come true. Everyone has humble beginning but like palm trees in this country but we all have the affinity to survive and thrive.

The designs will be made of plain silks and Chantilly laces.

Knowing my strong proclivity in intricacy, this will be a fusion of Asian countries mainly softness of silks and large prints in rich colors of East Asia, embroidery of South East Asia, and gold opulence of Arab countries.

It will be a mixture of hand painting, embroidery, beadings, pearls, and crystals. Falcons and palm trees will be hand painted, possibly, with luminous touches, then, there will be interesting embroidery and embellishments as accent. Shoulders and wrist cuffs will be made of cut-out tulles, pearls, beads, and feathers that will create structure and drama.


Meanwhile, other creative talents that I met in the competition. Different interpretations of the theme, but nonetheless, interesting and creative.



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