RUNWAY DUBAI DEBUT: Perlas Ng Silangan X Pulang Kristal

Feminine. Intricate. Sustainable. Three elements. One designer. My future brand.

Having proximity to me personally and/or social media would give you an ample glimpse of my whereabouts like such recently concluded three-piece collection entitled “Perlas Ng Silangan X Pulang Kristal” as my entry for Runway Dubai Fashion Talent Contest Season 5 held at luxury Sofitel The Palm, Hotel and Spa last November 9, 2017. Though it started with an uber awkward promotional video of myself presenting the collection in Filipino, I couldn’t thank everyone enough for the love and support. Contrary to what most have thought, I didn’t speak the Tagalog dialect. I conversed in Filipino because I couldn’t think of better representation of my home country, the Philippines, in an international competition with global audience.

Photos Included in the Promotional Videosnapseed-231snapseed-229snapseed-230snapseed-226snapseed-216snapseed-215snapseed-223

Runway Dubai, now on its 5th season, is a multicultural platform that provides opportunity for fashion talents and brands across the globe. True to its promise, I had my first bride after the promotional video was aired and was commissioned for another one before the competition was done. While I am currently focusing in monetizing the designs, building my brand and clientele, and showcasing full collections with much more huge audience and exposure, my Runway Dubai debut as a finalist was definitely one for the books.  


Perlas Ng Silangan (Pearl of the Orient Seas). Over 600,000 Filipinos are working in UAE and 20 percent of it is in Dubai so having our sobriquet as one of the inspirations for my debut was my tribute to our country – the same patriotism I had while I chased my machodream. Not to mention its long enduring symbol thru history by being included in Dr. Jose Rizal’s last poem, “Mi Ultimo Adios”; thru presidential proclamation of pearls as the national gem because of its distinctive part in our socio-economic and cultural tradition; and in recent times as one of the top exporters in global market.

Pulang Kristal (Red Crystals). Known for its blatant structure and bold hue, this is needless of flamboyant preamble. This collection was about balance between two elements – softness of oysters, ruffling waves created in its shells, and delicate, exquisite pearls; and simply alluring, striking and defiant break of crystals.

It honestly took me ages, some weight loss, and extra eyebags to finish sewing the pearls and crystals – partly because of my insatiable love for intricacy but it was all worth it. While I succumb for words to perfectly describe the exact feeling, I know I was such on a high – probably the lack of sleep and coffee cups, or perhaps the unexpected tremendous love and support from family and friends, or moments of procrastinating, then, the challenge of cramming after, or simply the thought of being blessed for such opportunity, or a good mixture of everything.

The Evolution of the Designs  snapseed-214snapseed-212img_8779snapseed-232snapseed-234snapseed-218img_0220-1snapseed-220snapseed-219snapseed-217

Three-piece Collection on the Ramp



Wearing my own creation on Runway Dubai Day 2 and nominated as one of the best dressed that night.



5 thoughts on “RUNWAY DUBAI DEBUT: Perlas Ng Silangan X Pulang Kristal

  1. wait a minutes- stop and pause! your creations were amazing! i cannot wait to see more and more and more….. im a fashion enthusiast as well and am into styling and i am amazed at how pinot talent gets attention abroad. amazing! more more!!!! ❤


  2. Your creation is a master piece, it’s exceptional in it’s on way. Be an inspiration and keep on touching everyone’s heart through your imagination and creation. Keep it up Zee. So proud of you!


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