Insatiable Curiosity is Zyleeka Lee Pasaporte.

‘Every rejection is a redirection.’

Two years, two most significant failures – machodream bittersweet experience has come to an end. What remains is the same bright-eyed optimist keeping her faith that somewhere, someday, ‘The dream is now her reality, her reality was once a dream.’

Continuing from its novice inception as an army officership aka machodream egress, which amassed unexpected traffic from applicants and dreamers alike – the blog is overhauled to focus in a distinctively polarizing journey of fashion – focusing on monumental prêt-à-porter to haute couture incremental shift, modern romanticism, sustainability, and various positive innovations.

Four long years of hiatus, she finds herself living amidst sweltering megalopolis of Dubai, currently working her way up to the global fashion industry as an emerging talent. She finished an Italian syllabus’ Fashion Design in Campustar Fashion Design Institute, Knowledge Village, Dubai last January 2017 and already competed twice as finalist of Young Designer’s Competition at The Ajman Palace Wedding Fair and Arabic Fashion Awards at Bride Abu Dhabi on the same month. She is yet to showcase her first collection, ‘Perlas ng Silangan x Pulang Kristal’, as a finalist for Runway Dubai this coming November.

As an emerging Filipino fashion designer living in an imminent globally recognized fashion city, she dreams of representing her country to massive audience who can contribute opportunities to local artisans and other creative talents. Meanwhile, admittedly having affinity to getting inspirations just about ubiquitous – she is insatiably curious and further cultivates influence with diversified culture, language differences, kaleidoscopic histories, and magnificent places from her travels, misadventures, and personal experiences.

Maintaining her innate artistic inclination, she is a headstrong, complicated, old soul living as a millennial who also prefers trying her hands on photography, painting, art direction, styling, content writing, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship.⁠⁠⁠⁠


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