PAOCS Application Processing: Part 2


After successfully passing all of those exams, you would be advised to complete a long list of interview requirements. From the clearances to TOR to NSO Birth Certificate to 2×2 ID picture and whole body picture to specific formats of main page, table of contents and even tabbing, you needed to comply it prior the interview.


You would be required to wear formal attire for the board interview (consisted of 6 officers on my time with Col. Yucot leading the team).


For guys, long-sleeved polo, necktie, slacks and leather shoes would suffice. You could wear tuxedo if you want. For ladies, they required us to wear skirt. Of course, with appropriate length. You could opt for a formal dress if you like. If you are fashionable or stylish, I suggest you shouldn’t go overboard with wearing trendy blazers, peplum skirts and loud colors. Light make-up is allowed. (TRANSLATION: Thin black cat-eye liners were okay but no to non-bloody red sheen lipsticks and bright-colored eyeshadow.) Yeah, cut your fingernails, too. They’ve noticed it during my interview.

This was taken at Final Deliberation Day. I didn't have any picture during initial interview but here's an idea.
This was taken at Final Deliberation Day. I didn’t have any picture during initial interview but here’s an idea.
Males' Formal Attires. Credit due to the owner.
Males’ Formal Attires. Credit due to the owner.


I would be giving details on my board interview on a separate post because I believe it was one of the highlights in my application. So please watch out for that, too. Anyhow, you should read current events, know a little about military and history, think of your possible contributions, answer as if you’re already an officer and express yourself confidently with audible voice.


It’s common for them to discourage you; they would give you reasons why you shouldn’t continue but do not mind them. Tell them you want to be an army officer with conviction.


I’ve waited for about a month before the result was released. It might vary, though, because people from Luzon was informed a week before we had our notifications. They had an initial list of 80 males and 32 females. However, the quota was only for 60 people, 10 percent of that would be females. But out of hundreds if not, thousands of applicants, consider yourself fortunate to be shortlisted.

I would be posting my detailed experience on this initial interview because not everyone knows what really happens behind closed doors. Please check out for that.

If you have any questions, you’re free to ask. Lovelots.

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